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Happy Easter!

31 Mar

Happy Easter, one and all!

It’s my eighth Easter in Singapore and I can honestly say, I miss spending Easter back home, in the Philippines. Easter celebrates the resurrection of our Saviour. As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ died and perished to save mankind. And Easter is a joyous celebration in Christianity.

Now why do I say I miss spending Easter at home? Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country. We observe the Holy Week with visits to churches, prayers, offer forms of little sacrifices and get together during Easter Sunday. After attending the Holy Mass, we usually prepare a meal or go out, and simply spend time with our loved ones, and be glad that Jesus Christ has risen. Continue reading


Insane Workout

30 Mar

“Dig deeper!”

You’d be forced to really dig deeper and push harder with the “Insanity” workout, a max interval training coupled with hard core cardio and yoga moves – all using your own body weight – to get fit within 60 days. That’s a promise made by Shaun T, a recognised fitness expert and choreographer, who happens to be the man behind this powerfully insane workout. Continue reading

Yet Another Blog Is Born…

29 Mar

Yay! I just created a new blog! Another blog, actually. Starting from scratch, cranking up ideas and hoping against all hope that I get to update this often. I have to. I want to.

So I started yet another blog because I am trying to organise my social life on cyberspace. It took me quite a while to really act on it because, having two to three existing blogs out there, I am left wondering how I could, without any hassle, marry all those into one single site. It’s going to be messy and disorganised. There would be too many categories that won’t have a single, consistent flow. Continue reading