Insane Workout

30 Mar

“Dig deeper!”

You’d be forced to really dig deeper and push harder with the “Insanity” workout, a max interval training coupled with hard core cardio and yoga moves – all using your own body weight – to get fit within 60 days. That’s a promise made by Shaun T, a recognised fitness expert and choreographer, who happens to be the man behind this powerfully insane workout.

Got curious about this workout when a friend of mine posted a picture of herself on Facebook, captioned “2 insane weeks to go”. She snapped a rather fit and flat-tummied version of herself, which got me into thinking if she can do it, so can I. She lost weight and looked even better! That was during the second half of last year, when I was willing to try all sorts of exercises to lose inches in order to rock that wedding gown.

So I managed to get hold of the videos and started my journey to fitness. The first day is a fit test, where you count and record the exercise repetitions you can make within 60 seconds, I believe. You get to do the fit test every two weeks so you can track your progress and see that you improve each time.

The fit test itself is a challenge. I don’t regularly go to the gym but I jog whenever I can and I sometimes practice yoga. Although I read reviews about how difficult it is, people saying it’s not for everyone, I thought, “How hard can it be?” I’m not athletic but I do exercise so I thought that would, at least, give me an edge. Man, the first day almost got me wiped out, drenched in my own sweat and panting like crazy! It was insane!

The next few days were a lot of work. Different workouts averaging 30-40 minutes each day got me all sore and almost wanting to give up. Think plyometric drills, interval trainings, core and resistance workouts plus cardio. Definitely insane! The cardio recovery, which is designed to concentrate more on your breathing in slow movements and stretches, is not as mild as it sounds. At first I wondered where the heck is the “recovery” in that?

When I got to my second fitness test a couple of weeks later, I was surprised by my improvement! I noticed I lost a bit of weight and my arm and shoulder muscles looked defined. This motivated me to push harder and work out religiously. There’s a one-day break, which actually gives your muscles time to recover but to me, a day is not enough. There were times when I’d skip a day or two because every cell in my body was aching but I’d still get to it and continue the following day.

You know, the kind of pain that usually renders you paralysed the next morning, making it all the more challenging for you to get up and go to work. I walked rather slowly that day like an injured athlete-wannabe. Laughing and coughing hurt as hell.

The reward? I lost inches and slimmed down. My couturier had to adjust my wedding gown before the big day! I was so happy I was in heaven (haha!).

I would definitely recommend this workout to brides-to-be, moms or anyone who don’t have time to go to the gym. If you’d rather work out from home and don’t have any fitness equipment, this is the workout for you. All you need is a yoga mat, a towel and your water bottle. If you have a heart rate monitor, that’s ideal. I didn’t have one when I started the workout but it didn’t matter. By the end of the workout, every part of your body will be covered in sweat and that was enough for me to know that I burned calories and pushed myself to the limits. That’s sweating it out. Literally and figuratively.


You stand to enjoy improved fitness levels, an obviously-toned body and inches off your waist with “Insanity”. How cool is that? I would like to try this workout again and I will. And I’m sticking to it even if there’s no wedding gown to rock.

“Insanity” is one of the popular fitness programmes by Beachbody. Thousands have sworn by it and you will be impressed by the success stories and “before and after” pictures shared by those who tried it. The videos can be purchased from Amazon or directly from its website for US$39.00 (plus shipping and handling). If you send them your “before and after” pictures, you will get the “Insanity” shirt and earn bragging rights for being healthy, fit and attractive!

Let me know your “Insanity” experience if you are currently on it or have tried it. Or if you have tried other home workouts, let me know. What exercises do you do?

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