Happy Easter!

31 Mar

Happy Easter, one and all!

It’s my eighth Easter in Singapore and I can honestly say, I miss spending Easter back home, in the Philippines. Easter celebrates the resurrection of our Saviour. As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ died and perished to save mankind. And Easter is a joyous celebration in Christianity.

Now why do I say I miss spending Easter at home? Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country. We observe the Holy Week with visits to churches, prayers, offer forms of little sacrifices and get together during Easter Sunday. After attending the Holy Mass, we usually prepare a meal or go out, and simply spend time with our loved ones, and be glad that Jesus Christ has risen.

I even remember when I was in middle school, a Christian Living (Religion subject) teacher told us that Easter is more important than Christmas, hence, attending mass is a must. In my head, that time, I questioned her how Easter could be a more joyous celebration when Christmas is the happiest season of the year? I was a kid. I was thinking of gifts, treats, food and the fact that Christmas really is a big thing for Filipinos.

Here in Singapore, the celebrations are not the same because it’s a multi-racial country. Christmas is like one special day and that’s it. In the Philippines, it stretches to a month of festivities and family reunions, and Christmas carols start airing on the radio as early as September. No kidding. When I was in Manila in September for our engagement shoot and heard a Christmas carol, I felt giddy like a kid and sang to it. It’s one of those things I miss about being home.

Last Christmas, it was my hubby’s first here in Singapore. He felt the same thing I did when I first celebrated Christmas here: there’s no Christmas like home. It’s our first Christmas together as husband and wife, and we only had each other on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, we just attended the mass and went out. No family or relatives to exchange gifts with. Oh well. Still, I loved it. I’m blessed.

Over the years, I’ve gotten used to having “incomplete” Catholic celebrations in Singapore. As long as I hold the meaning behind those celebrations in my heart, I am fine.

So today, I will be attending the mass and whispering a prayer. I will be sharing a nice meal with friends to celebrate His resurrection, and wish my loved ones a happy and meaningful Easter.

How about you? What are you doing today?

Blogging from my side of the globe,



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