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Travel Theme: Light (Passing Through)

30 Apr

I’m posting yet another blog on this week’s travel theme challenge, “light”. I have quite a few pictures in my phone that deserve to be in this entry. If you’d like to see my first entry, it’s right here.

I simply love this week’s theme. I am digging Ailsa’s blog and her weekly travel-themed challenges. Gives you that much needed inspiration for a post.

Anyway, here’s my second post…

To London.jpg

Getting ready for takeoff. From Singapore to London.

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No to Oversharing, Please.

29 Apr

I am prompted to write this post as a follow-up on the Social Media Netiquette I wrote last week. And also, after witnessing an annoyingly amount of “shares” on Facebook. You know, the kind that irks you, makes you cringe or wish that, that person would realise that Facebook is not a public diary. Either that or the duck face. Please, not the duck face. That disgustingly act of protruding the lips, letting the person doing it think that it’s sexy and downright irresistible.

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Travel Theme: Light

28 Apr

I think I may have been overly excited about last week’s “Travel Theme: Contrast” challenge that I interpreted it differently. I posted several pictures of the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) lights show here in Singapore.

My take on it was the light provided the contrast against the night sky, creating this magical (and menacing) effect of Luke’s (and Darth Maul’s) lightsaber(s). From afar, they look like several laser lights dancing in the sky from which appears like a… hmm… a troubled spaceship out to get us poor earthlings.

Anyway, for this week, the theme is light and, as soon as I read it on my Notifications (Ailsa’s blog), I quickly scanned through the pictures in my camera album for something that represents light, apart from those of the MBS lights show. And I have ’em, I’m glad!

Have I told you I love lights shows and sunlight? Yeah, I do. Images of sunrise, gorgeous sunsets, cottony clouds or even hazy ones are my favourite iPhone snaps.


OCBC Garden Rhapsody at the Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore (January 2013)

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Friday Under Five

26 Apr

Friday. Thank God, it’s Friday.

With today’s overcast weather, I just feel like heading straight home after work and not doing anything. Well, of course, apart from talking to my hubby about the highs and lows of my day and his, I probably just wanna catch up on my series marathons.

For today’s “Friday Under Fifty” feature, I am not going to rave about saving you big bucks for a fun night in Singapore. But I can share what I did today for well under S$5 (US$4).

singapore office.jpg

Top: View from the 3rd floor
Bottom: Iced soy milk with pearls from Pinle

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25 Apr

I yearn feline companionship. Seriously. That’s why I’ve decided to make this “Throwback Thursday” post about Kobe, my cat.

I used to have cats eight years ago. That’s before I moved to Singapore, and had to leave my ultimate-favourite cat at home. Whispered BFF promises to my cat as I was preparing to leave for the airport: I’ll be back for you. Wait for me, Kobe. I love you so much, my baby! Mommycat will be back after two years.

These words, plus tears (lots of ’em), were our bittersweet parting. I didn’t know it was the last time I’d see my Kobe baby.


The only photos I have of Kobe, both taken 8yrs ago.

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Wedding Ring: Safest Protection

24 Apr

For this week’s WeBnesday feature, I thought I’d share this image I recently saw on Instagram. Made a screenshot of it when I accessed my IG account from my mobile phone.

safe sex.jpg


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SoLAR: Your Pocket Weather Guide

23 Apr

I know there are quite a few weather and temperature apps out there but I seem to always reach for Solar.

I like its simplicity and the sleekness of its UI (user interface). The straightforwardness of its look got me: date, time, weather and temperature on top, city and country at the bottom. Basically all the things you need to have in a weather app.

It’s easy to enter the place you’d like to check the temp of. Type it in and have it available readily in your “collection”. A simple swipe sideways lets you access the city that you saved or toggle between those you previously searched for.


Solar’s welcome screen in classy black and white. That little “o”, representing “degrees”, turns as the app loads. Pretty neat, huh?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (Kids Version)

23 Apr

Kids say the funniest things. And they do the cutest things, too!

Can’t help but post the photos of these two adorable kids, looking up and lost in their fantasy world.


Top: Kenice’s fountain fun
Bottom: The little boy and the panda

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Social Media Netiquette

22 Apr

We now live in the social media age. While it’s true that it unifies the world and brings like-minded individuals for a cause, it has its own demerits when it comes to information sharing, identity safety and cyber-related issues.

Our social network behaviour is important. It’s as important as your behaviour in real life because you share with and meet people online in real-time, and the information exchange happens as soon as you hit the “send” button.


Some of the social networking apps I access on my phone.

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Travel Theme: Contrast

21 Apr

It’s been a week since I first encountered this “Travel Theme” but haven’t really gotten to it (being a newbie here on WordPress) until today. I thought I’d give it a try since it’s a pretty interesting challenge, like the “Weekly Photo Challenge”, which actually gets your creative juices workin’ each time!

This is my first post, based on the “Contrast” theme. Thanks to Ailsa for coming up with an interesting, blog-worthy challenge such as this!

Seated across the Marina Bay Sands, along the benches of the Merlion Park, my hubby and I pulled our iPhones and captured the lights show. Beaming from the SkyPark (the highest point of hotel), the lights danced through the night skies, probably beating Batman’s night-light Bat-signal.


Marina Bay Sands lights show, emitting blue laser lights into night.

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