Instagram: Best Photo-Sharing Mobile App

2 Apr

#Instagram, oh my #lovestagram! Yep, I’m Marie and I’m an Instagrammer. Proud of it!

Instagram is on top of my most loved social networking apps list. And why not? The concept is so simple yet so brilliant. You just take out your iPhone or iPad, snap a pic, adjust and apply a filter (or not), write a caption, #hashtag and share.

The brilliant concept, which is shoot-and-share in real-time, is so successful that even Facebook found it hard to resist, hence, the US$1B price tag.

I love this app! @marieinheels

I love this app! @marieinheels

Instagram is the brainchild of Kevin Systrom (whose Instagram or IG account I follow) and Mike Krieger. They introduced IG, much like a digital version of the well-loved-yet-almost-forgotten Kodak Instamatic and polaroid combo, in October 2010. The community grew rapidly, even brands and companies sharing snaps of their own.

100M registered users, 90M monthly active users (as of January 2013) – And I’m happy to say I’m one of them!

What made this so popular among ordinary users like me is the fact that, although you’re not a photographer, you can be one and have your little gallery in your mobile phone. Take an ordinary picture, find the best angle and crop, throw in some filters and you’re good to go.

In addition to this, like Twitter, you can follow users by visiting their profiles and hitting the “Follow” button.

Fans feel closer to their idols by seeing their pictures, expressing “love” ❤ or commenting. Companies feature their products, their offices and their people. Different places, gorgeous beaches, islands, castles, hidden caves – heck, this app is perfect for tourism!

Not to mention local and global communities all actively snapping their way everyday, telling visual stories and sharing special moments. These IG groups come up with competitions and encourage their members to share photos and hashtag them based on a specific theme. Some do give out prizes, while some don’t. But then again, who cares about prizes when you’re having so much fun, right?

My IG account.jpg

My IG account: @marieinheels
To see my account on the web:

IG-Marina Bay Sands.jpg

Marina Bay Sands, captivating at night.

Festive Hotel.jpg

Colourful lamps of Festive Hotel in Singapore.

IG-Popular Picture.jpg

My first and only picture that made it on the popular page.

IG-I follow.jpg

I follow the talented @maghettastreghetta for her creative shots with her own drawings.

IG-I follow 2.jpg

Some of @maghettastreghetta’s snaps. That cartoonish girl is her alter-ego.

I love to share pictures about my travels, sunsets and clouds. Follow me on IG (@marieinheels)! By the way, I came up with #lovestagram when I first started (in July 2011) and now, I’m happy to say that there are over 50K photos (and counting) tagged with it.

Instagram can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

What app are you actively using right now? What do you love about it?

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Every Tuesday, I write about all things digital, mostly about iPhone/iPad apps simply because I am an iOS user. This is the time when I go a little bit techie but not too much. I just love gadgets, apps and new technology.


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