Independent Living

4 Apr

An ultimate “throwback” for Throwback Thursday!

Eight years and a couple of months ago, I left the comforts of home to advance my career in Singapore. By home I mean Manila, where I have lived my entire life. It wasn’t easy, it was a bitter-sweet adventure that taught me how to be tough, independent, persevering and more appreciative of the people who love me.


The iconic Merlion. (snapped using my dependable iPhone)

Going through the adjustment phase proved to be toughest. I have never lived away from my family until I moved to Singapore where I learnt to do things on my own and depend on myself. In other words, I grew up and became responsible for all my actions. Glad I’m way over that stage now.

Slowly, along the way, I’d fall and get back up. I learnt to be brave and to welcome change. I traveled and created my own adventures with an open heart. And I would never, ever trade this experience for anything.

Yes, I still miss home all the time but I feel blessed because I have found a second home in a country that has welcomed me as one of its permanent residents barely two years of being here. Singapore has opened doors of opportunities for me and for that, I am forever grateful.

Happy Thursday!

Blogging from my side of the globe,


Every Thursday, I travel back in time and recall some of the significant phases in my life. I try to re-live them here, reminisce the good times and remind myself that I am blessed.


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