Of Souvenirs, Jerkies and Australia

6 Apr

A colleague-friend recently holidayed in Australia with his family and they had a blast visiting Tasmania and Melbourne. He only showed me a few pictures of himself from his phone because we were busy rushing a few jobs at work. Well, with or without his pictures, Australia is one of the countries I would like to visit, starting off with Sydney and Melbourne.

Speaking of which, a close friend of mine is also leaving town (Singapore) by end of the month for Sydney. Why is everyone around me holidaying to Australia except me? I was supposed to go but new priorities cropped up so I can’t. Anyway, with a few coaxing from yours truly, I finally convinced her to take a side trip to Melbourne before flying off to Wellington to spend time with family members based there. How awesome is that?

Okay, enough of those trips. I just would like to show you the souvenir and a treat I got from my colleague-friend. I have a new Starbucks city mug to add to my collection! I was hoping for a Tasmania AND Melbourne mug (or tumbler) but I don’t think he found a Starbucks in Tasmania. Either that or they were just very busy (you don’t really travel just to see a familiar Starbucks cafe, do you?) to go and look for one just for me. But this one’s more than enough. I am glad he managed to get me one.

Starbucks AUS.jpg

My new Starbucks mug

Starbucks AUS 2.jpg

Australia’s iconic animal, the kangaroo

The mug is selling at around A$21.00, which is about S$28. It’s pretty expensive in Australia!

On to the more interesting part. Let’s talk about jerkies. I’m not really a fan but I’d try when I feel like it. When I told my colleague-friend to take pictures with the kangaroos, I meant it, and not eat it. Anyway, he brought back a pack of this:

kangaroo jerkey.jpg

Kangaroo jerky

This is the reason why my sister is hating on me, I tried a small piece. It’s just a small bite, only to sample the taste and texture. This is also the reason why I made my chef hubby proud, he knows that I’m a bit picky about food and that I don’t usually eat exotic ones. Heck, I don’t even eat duck, venison and I avoid eating pork!

I can taste the pepper and some other spices and it’s dry, obviously. It’s okay but I can live without it. Never again. (Poor kangaroo!)

I posted this photo on my Instagram account and “hashtagged” it accordingly. The #kangaroojerky has over 150 pictures and was surprised to find out that emu and crocodile jerkies are also well known in Australia!

The kangaroo jerky pictures on Instagram are here.

I am curious about the crocodile jerky, although I’m not sure if I can bring myself to try it. I can probably ask my friend to bring back some of those from Australia for testing purposes.

Happy weekend, y’all!

Blogging from my side of the globe,



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