Texting and Online Shopping

7 Apr

Thank God for text messages!

I know it’s “a bit late” for me to post something like that but trust me, I’ve long discovered the wonders of technology. It’s just that now, as I write this entry, I am having a text conversation with my best friend. Our text exchange started off with her thanking me for the fruit basket I sent her. She’s recovering from a procedure and is home with her husband, selecting pictures for their wedding album (they got married in December last year). I wish I could visit her but I’m based in Singapore and she’s in Manila.

You know how conversations with your best friend goes, no matter where you are or what mode of communication you use, you always feel good and grounded. Like you’re just right there, having a face-to-face talk with one of the people you simply can’t live without.

Another thing to be thankful for are online stores and gift shops! They simply make my life a lot easier! I’ve been sending cakes to my family in Manila through Red Ribbon, a favourite bakeshop of mine. Their chocolate mousse is an all-time hit at home! It’s a slice of heaven! My mom swears she could finish the whole dang cake!

My wedding.jpg

With my bestie on my wedding day in September, 2012.

besties wedding.jpg

My best friend’s wedding in December, 2012.

I ordered a fruit basket from PinasGift for the bestie; they have a wide selection of fruit baskets as well as other gifts (edible and non-edible) for all occasions. I was thinking I’d get her a cake but a fruit basket is the healthy choice.

In Singapore, my trusted online gift shop is Noel Gifts. I used to order cake, balloons and flowers from this store for the boss. And let’s not forget Singapore Best Buy for every girl’s discounted beauty fix.

Finally, more than anything else, thank God for best friends. They simply remind you that you don’t go through life alone. They’ve got your back all the time.

What are you thankful for today?

Blogging from my side of the globe,



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