Chasing the (Monday) Blues Away

8 Apr

This is not the usual Monday Madness post. I’m simply blogging randomly, hoping to chase the blues away. If I were not doing what I’m doing right now or if I ain’t where I am at the moment, I’d be…

Chasing twin rainbows…


Lucky enough to catch this. View from the AYE overpass one fine night. (Singapore)

Baking a gorgeous red velvet cupcake…


Red Velvet by Twelve Cupcakes. (Singapore)

Or perfecting pure chocolate goodness…


Chocolate Chocolate by Twelve Cupcakes. (Singapore)

I’d probably be having a break…


Kitkat Chunky in Peanut Butter and Hazelnut Cream. (Singapore)

Or walking barefoot to feel the earth…


Walking barefoot by the lake before entering Gardens by the Bay. (Singapore)

I’d much rather be stuck in this oasis…


Paradise. (Pearl Farm, Davao City, Philippines)

Or flying off to a country in Europe…


The colours of sunrise never fail to amaze me. (From way up here)

Or standing on top of the Eiffel Tower, feeling the chilly winds against my cheeks, watching the Seine River and waiting for the lights to illuminate the city…


On top of the Eiffel Tower. It’s surreal. (Paris, France)

Monday. You’ve not been good to me.

Tuesday, I hope you treat me well. Also, this is the first time I’m using the original size of my photos from my camera roll. I must admit, they look so much better when published.

How’s your Monday? Hope your Monday’s so much better than mine!

Blogging from my side of the globe,



One Response to “Chasing the (Monday) Blues Away”

  1. sustainabilitea 10/04/2013 at 9:23 am #

    The oasis looks so inviting but I really like the picture from the plane. Hope your Monday improved and the rest of your week will go well. My Monday was busy but productive. 🙂


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