WordPress on the Go

9 Apr

Blogging made easy from my iPhone. Now that’s fun, ain’t it?

I love that I discovered the WordPress app last week, when I had just started a blog here. I can now blog on the go, although what I always do is start a draft on my phone and conclude it using my MacBook.

I do have the other blogging app (read my lips: Blogger) and that’s where my wedding blog is. Thing is, I like this WordPress app more than the Blogger.

However, like Blogger, the WordPress app has pretty much a friendly UI (user interface) and straightforward design and layout.


My dashboard

The notifications that pop up on my phone don’t sound annoying (some apps do have annoying sounds, beeps or sound effects!). It’s friendly, nothing that’s going to bother late at night. Believe me, I have apps and games I’d like to delete because of their notifications. Yeah, yeah, I can just disable them but what the heck?

Anyway, what I like about the WordPress app is the ease of uploading pictures from my phone. That’s actually my main reason why I start a draft using the app, to upload photos from my phone that’ll spice up the entry.

And to my surprise, the photos get uploaded based on the sequence that you upload them. You’re probably wondering why it’s such a biggie to me. The reason is, I have used the Blogger and it messes up the order of my pictures. I had to copy and paste on my computer just so I could reorganise the pictures. And I hate that.


Easy photo upload

The notifications are arranged like your usual normal messages, which doesn’t feel “alien” at all. Very consistent with the overall look and UI of iOS devices.


Notifications are arranged like your phone messages.

Yes, it just makes it easy to start a blog when sudden inspiration hits you. And so far, I’ve never experienced any crash, hanging or sudden exit. Chalk another up for WordPress app!


Mobile blogging made easy.

The only thing I don’t like about this was when I started a blog on my phone and I failed to exit the app. I updated the app on the computer and went back in, in the app. I accidentally hit update and the post was updated to the previous version, which was not  the updated one. It’s probably not the app’s fault, it’s mine. For a moment there, I got confused. (Sorry, WordPress app newbie here!)


Update your posts on the go.

I guess I still need to more time getting used to the WordPress app but overall, it’s something I’m going to use all the time.

If you are interested to download this app from the App Store, it’s right here. Alternatively, it’s also available on Google Play. It’s now easier to manage your blog, read other posts, update and become active in the community with this app. I’m loving it.

Are you using the WordPress mobile app, too? Feel free to share your experience on the app and teach me some tricks, if you have some!

Blogging from my side of the globe,



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