Summer Getaway: Baguio City

18 Apr

I was away for the past few days and took a quick trip back home. It’s a much-needed break from all the pressures at work and personal life. I’m simply glad I did it.

Anyway, arrived in Singapore shortly before 9am yesterday. That means I was at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), the Manila airport, at around 2.30am. I had a long day. A tiring one.

As I was browsing through the stamped pages of my passport while awaiting boarding, I noticed that I flew back to Manila on 12 April 2012, the same day I did this year (Friday last week, to be precise). The departure (from Manila) says 18 April 2012, a day earlier than this year’s.

Then I recalled what I did last year. Asked my hubby about it and it was he who refreshed my memory when he told me we went to Baguio City, the Philippines’ summer capital, in 2012.

It’s been close to 10 years since I last visited Baguio before our quick getaway there last year. It used to be a family vacation place during school break when I was little and my brothers and I have fond memories of Baguio.

It’s no longer as cold as I remember it to be but it still has that pine tree smell that brings back childhood memories of summer.

Baguio fog.jpg

Welcome hug, er, fog!

Casa Vallejo.jpg

Cosy hotel that was given a facelift a couple of years back, Casa Vallejo. Used to stay here when I was little every summer.

Casa Vallejo view.jpg

Our view while having breakfast.


Giving Doglas, the celebrity St Bernard, a hug at Mines View Park.

Pink horse.jpg

Don’t mess with my hair, says this ultra-hip horse at Mines View Park.


Strawberry taho (tofu), a Baguio specialty, with pearls and sugar syrup. Baguio is famous for its fresh strawberries.

Baguio is about five hours away from Manila by car or bus. It’s one of the country’s tourist spots because of its awesome mountainous views and cold climate,  a good reason to escape Manila during summer or school break. It can get crowded, as usual, during school break so I suggest going there during off-peak season (June to November).

Visit this site to learn more about the wonderful city of Baguio.

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