Friday Under 500

19 Apr

I know I am supposed to write about any activity under S$50 in Singapore today, but I thought of blogging about a more challenging one. It’s “Friday Under 500” in Manila, since I was just there Friday last week.

Essentially, this post still qualifies under my “Friday Under $50” category since it’s actually Friday Under S$15!

Five hundred pesos is about S$15 (US$12) and spending this amount of money on a Friday night is a bit challenging, especially in the city. I don’t know, I may be wrong but I find it difficult (as a tourist) to spend PHP500 per day. There are several alternatives, though, if you really are  trying to stay within this budget.

Trying to recall the activities my hubby and I did for well within the PHP500 budget, I came up with these:

1) Two movie tickets, a medium popcorn (for two) and a large drink. Managed to catch two movies in two days while I was in Manila so that works out to about PHP1,000 or S$30 for two movies with the hubby, two bags of white cheddar Taters popcorn and two large Coke.

2) Dinner at Jollibee. We had two two-piece chicken meals (with rice and regular drinks) and an ultimate burger steak meal (to share). It’s a lot, it’s food fest, and we got our money’s worth. Our bill was less than PHP500 – two-piece Chicken Joy meal for about PHP140 and Ultimate Burger Steak meal for PHP119. Good value for money for hungry tummies.

3) A decent haircut for PHP300 plus tip for the stylist = PHP500. I’m happy with my new haircut! I always make it a point to visit my favourite salon (Jesi Mendez) when I’m in town because I hated the time when I cut my hair in Singapore and it turned out to be an expensive hairstyle I didn’t like.

4) Gas for two days. Commuting is not an option since I stay at my mom’s when I’m in town, which is in Quezon City. My friends and the places I go to are mostly along Makati area so cab rides can be quite expensive. Also, my sense of direction is ridiculously poor so it’s ideal to have the hubby drive around town.

5) Fresh fruit shakes and ensaymadas at Bizu Makati. They’re heavenly!


Clockwise from top: chocolate ensaymada, strawberry yoghurt smoothie, cheese ensaymada and fresh mango shake


Cheese ensaymada, iced cafe latte and dark mocha frap on a warm afternoon.

How about you? What are your budget-friendly ideas on a Friday night?

Blogging from my side of the globe,



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