Be Somebody Else For A Day

19 Apr

Interesting challenge for today, Freaky Friday. I spent a good few minutes to think about who I want to be even for a day and recalled the days I wished I were someone else because it’s either:

a) I was admiring that person for being brilliant, drop dead gorgeous, unbelievably rich and prominent or really lucky; OR

b) I was wondering why that person has way better life than me.

There were countless times I daydreamed of being someone else. I wanted to be Jennifer Aniston for a day, to know how it feels to be popular, insanely fit, fashionable and to be blessed with gorgeous hair.

I even wished being Angelina Jolie and have those legendary pouty lips, sexy body, a gorgeous man to hold hands with, six kids to make my day, complete with all the fame and fortune, and that fabulous chateau in France.

Heck, I even daydreamed about being Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Julia Roberts, Priscilla Chan (Mark Zuckerberg’s wife), former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos, Cleopatra and even Queen Marie Antoinette of France.

I lost count of all the people (mostly women) I wish I could be for a day when I’d be on my “daydreaming mode” simply because I hate something about my life or I desperately want something to happen and it just doesn’t.

But right now, right this very minute, if I could be another person for a day I’d be my husband. He’s one of the kind-hearted souls I know. He welcomes me with those smiling eyes always. He says the nicest things about me and thinks I’m beautiful all the time even when I’d have my hair in scrunchy or had just woken up. He gives warm hugs that feel like home.

I’d like to feel how he’s feeling and see what he sees in me, specially when I am at my worst mood.

Our wedding.jpg

Our wedding in September, 2012.

I also wish I were my sister, so I’d feel how it is to be the youngest in the family and why, until now, she hasn’t stopped crying whenever I’d go back home and fly back to Singapore. I was teasing her a couple of days ago and asked her why, after all these years (eight years, to be exact), she hasn’t outgrown the feeling of me leaving.

Me: Why? You gotta move on, you know. You gotta end this separation anxiety because it’s like a vicious cycle. I come home, you’re happy, I leave, you cry. And the cycle repeats on my next visit.

Sister: I don’t know. Is there a medication for it?

Me: Yeah. Move on, girl! (giggles)

Sister: I don’t know. I can’t! (she was dang serious!)

And just a couple of days ago, I watched her cry in front of our house as I leave for the airport at 2am. She’s 22 and was crying like a kid whose mommy left her by her lonesome. Aww.

I felt bad, of course, like the veins were trying to choke my heart but I guess, I am used to it now: coming home, leaving again, and unsure when I’d take the next flight back home.


My sister’s Instagram account. She snapped and posted this Friday last week, when I arrived home from Singapore. Check out the hashtag: #evilsisterfromsingapore 🙂


Me, a nervous yet overly excited bride.

Lastly, I’d like to feel how it is to be my mom for a day. She’s strong, caring and is still protective of us, despite the fact that we’re no longer kids. She’s not too demonstrative but she’d suprise me with texts saying she misses me and wants me to come home for good. It would be an eye-opener for me if I could be her for a day so I’d understand her views on life and how past experiences (not all good) have shaped the person that she’s become.

The persons I’d love to be with are closer to home. I guess, it’s because of the fact that I still got this “home hangover” after a quick break to Manila last week. I’ve been here in Singapore for a couple of days now and I’m still missing home. I wish I could fly back to Manila every week to be with my family and friends, and eat without worrying about calories and gaining weight.

There were several times I daydreamed of being a kid once again, when life used to be simple, homework and projects were the only challenges in life, nap times and piano lessons were dreaded parts of the day, and Christmas was the most exciting day of the year. Those were happy times and if only I could turn back time, I would rewind to all the joyful parts of my childhood and, obviously, skip the sad times.

But you know what, I realised I don’t have to be someone else to feel blessed. In reality, I just want to be myself, spend time with my loved ones, do the things I love to do and seize every moment.

And definitely, I don’t want somebody else to be me even for a day because that would mean one wasted day to feel the love of my husband, my family and my closest friends, despite the distance.

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!

Blogging from my side of the globe,



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