Guilty Pleasures: Chocolates and Coffee

20 Apr

Since it’s the weekend, I am writing about my guilty pleasures. Of course, we all know what guilty pleasures are. We all have ’em. But for the sake of this blog, I am defining it, in my own words, as something that gives us tremendous amount of pleasure and satisfaction, only to feel a tinge (or a huge amount) of guilt afterwards.

Still, I consider my guilty pleasures worth the guilt feeling. Starting off my list are chocolates.

That glorious creamy, gooey substance that’s simply a delightful experience in the mouth. Every bite is heaven and it just makes me want to have more. (Okay, I just make a mental note to burn them off the following day.)


Can’t live without chocolates and coffee.

Let’s not forget about the other C: coffee. It jumpstarts my day and perks up my afternoons. They add a little bit of warmth (cappuccino, brewed or coffee of the day) or sweetness (frap, ice blended or ice lattes) to conversations with my loved ones. Hanging out at cafes, a tall latte or frap, my hubby + my dear friends is equal to a perfect day.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Blogging from my side of the globe,



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