SoLAR: Your Pocket Weather Guide

23 Apr

I know there are quite a few weather and temperature apps out there but I seem to always reach for Solar.

I like its simplicity and the sleekness of its UI (user interface). The straightforwardness of its look got me: date, time, weather and temperature on top, city and country at the bottom. Basically all the things you need to have in a weather app.

It’s easy to enter the place you’d like to check the temp of. Type it in and have it available readily in your “collection”. A simple swipe sideways lets you access the city that you saved or toggle between those you previously searched for.


Solar’s welcome screen in classy black and white. That little “o”, representing “degrees”, turns as the app loads. Pretty neat, huh?

Now the pages are more interesting. Different hues, think thermal colours, represent different temperatures throughout the day.

Scroll up for a 24-hour forecast. Scroll down for a three-day forecast.


Temperature display. The background colours change depending on the temperature. Warm days look more yellow and orangey. Cool days are blue. Night time, of course, turns dark.

In my case, I toggle between Singapore and Manila to compare how insanely warm it is in my hometown these days. After having lived outside of the Philippines for almost a decade now, I like to find out for myself whenever Manila-based friends and family would say, “It’s freakin’ hot in here! Like we’re in an oven!” I have experienced hot and humid climate before but not this insane.

I also keep a “watch list” of the European cities I had the chance to visit over the past couple of years. If I want to see them in one screen, I just pinch or double tap to see all locations.

I imagine the cold, winter and spring, the chilly winds against my cheeks when I was in those cities. Recalling the moments I’d have cold shivers (literally I’d shiver in the cold!) simply because this Asian chick is not used to 10-degree Celsius temperatures and below. But I loved it! But that’s another story.

Anyway, check out this app if you have an iOS device. It’s worth the download from the App Store.

Blogging from my side of the globe,



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