Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (Kids Version)

23 Apr

Kids say the funniest things. And they do the cutest things, too!

Can’t help but post the photos of these two adorable kids, looking up and lost in their fantasy world.


Top: Kenice’s fountain fun
Bottom: The little boy and the panda

Wondering what’s going on in their little minds while looking up.

I didn’t catch what little girl Kenice, my godchild, was looking at. A bird that flew by or a water droplet that sprayed up from the fountain. I was lost in the moment, just as she was, and just captured her little fountain fun. Wide-eyed, giggly and all.

The little boy, on the other hand, was looking up at the panda, wanting it to come down and play with him (if only it could!). Oh, what a joy to watch this kid run and shout. A little chasing game.

The world is big and I’m not sure if these kids know that as they look up and try to reach for what they couldn’t with their small hands and baby arms. All I know is that they are in control of their world.

And they’re doing an amazing job at being adorable at it.

Blogging from my side of the globe,



2 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (Kids Version)”

  1. teoteodora 23/04/2013 at 5:35 am #

    sweet, really! 🙂

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