25 Apr

I yearn feline companionship. Seriously. That’s why I’ve decided to make this “Throwback Thursday” post about Kobe, my cat.

I used to have cats eight years ago. That’s before I moved to Singapore, and had to leave my ultimate-favourite cat at home. Whispered BFF promises to my cat as I was preparing to leave for the airport: I’ll be back for you. Wait for me, Kobe. I love you so much, my baby! Mommycat will be back after two years.

These words, plus tears (lots of ’em), were our bittersweet parting. I didn’t know it was the last time I’d see my Kobe baby.


The only photos I have of Kobe, both taken 8yrs ago.

Kobe was a Persian-Himalayan cat. My brother got him for free from a friend who had too many cats and wanted to have him adopted. We actually paid for Phoebe, Kobe’s sexy, all-black sister cat, and it was her that we got first. Kobe was the follow-up cat, but I loved him more than Phoebe or any other pets I’ve had since childhood. As expected, our cats became the youngest members of our family.

I’m not going to talk about how I lost him. All I know is that my Kobe’s in cat heaven now, playing with his kitty pals and enjoying lots of yummy kitty treats I couldn’t get him when he was still with me. He’s having a fun time up in the clouds and looking after his mommycat, me. I imagine him purring loudly and wagging his tail slowly, or closing his eyes like he’s completely and happily relaxed in cat paradise.

I miss his softness. Literally. He used to sleep on my bed, and most of the time I’d wake up feeling heavy on my chest simply because he IS on my chest. Either he’s still asleep or meowing on my face so I could get him breakfast.

I remember weeks before I left for Singapore, he got home injured after a playdate with some of the neighbourhood cats. He was limping and would complain-meow when I touch his left leg. He couldn’t move it, hence, he would slump and slide his body down when he tried to sit or lay down. It was torture.

I didn’t bring him to the vet, but instead I took care of him. He never left my sight and would sleep all day in my room. His food, water and litter box were all in my room. Yeah, the litter box! That’s love. Even my mom was surprised I had the litter box in my room because she knows me as a cleanliness freak. But no. I would do anything for Kobe.

In fact, I’d have a dozen litter boxes in my room right now just for a glimpse of Kobe or a full moment of nothing but hugs, kisses and purrs. I miss him.

So yes, I nursed him back to health a week before I left. He was meowing and was extremely sweet on the day I was scheduled to leave, and saying goodbye to him was the most painful thing I’d ever have to deal with.

The years I spent with Kobe were magical. I had a friend and, at the same time, a baby. While it’s true that we would fight in the shower, we would kiss and make up immediately after that. A treat, massages and petting were my cards. He simply couldn’t resist them.

Kobe. I miss you. It took me a while to get over you and now I am extremely missing you. You know mommycat loves you.

Sigh. I didn’t have a camera phone eight years ago but if only iPhones were invented then, I would have a thousand photos in my phone of my Kobe. But anyway, I have all those memories in my heart.

Do you have a pet? Are you a cat person or a dog lover?

Blogging from my side of the globe,



3 Responses to “Kobe.”

  1. Loca Gringa 29/04/2013 at 9:57 pm #

    When I moved to DR I left my cat behind as well. Skype and photos are just not the same. I can’t wait to be reunited. Hope that happens soon.

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