Friday Under Five

26 Apr

Friday. Thank God, it’s Friday.

With today’s overcast weather, I just feel like heading straight home after work and not doing anything. Well, of course, apart from talking to my hubby about the highs and lows of my day and his, I probably just wanna catch up on my series marathons.

For today’s “Friday Under Fifty” feature, I am not going to rave about saving you big bucks for a fun night in Singapore. But I can share what I did today for well under S$5 (US$4).

singapore office.jpg

Top: View from the 3rd floor
Bottom: Iced soy milk with pearls from Pinle

Today is “packed lunch” day, like most days. Why? I am sick of the “cafeteria food” that’s being served at the nearest coffee shop a couple of buildings away. So I just made the usual multi-grain sandwich with egg and cheese. Feasted on it as I window-shopped and checked out some makeup at VivoCity around noon.

I salivated over the sight of the new MAC Baking Beauties Collection but I’m glad to say that I resisted the temptation to pick up a pearlmatte face powder and a lipstick. Note to self: you don’t need another makeup!

The highlight of my lunch was an iced soy milk drink with pearls. I let the ice melt a little to drown the sweet sugar syrup that the gracious old server graced my drink with. It was a tad too sweet for my own liking but it became better when the ice melted. I got to finish the cup at work after a 10-min bus ride from the mall.

Spending for today: S$2.20 bus rides + S$1.90 iced soy milk with pearls = S$4.10. Definitely under than five bucks. Still proud of myself for not buying any lippy!

Tonight, I’d go home straight and workout. I’ve been procrastinating about exercising lately but not tonight. I am going to literally sweat my Friday night out.

What are your plans for today/tonight?

Blogging from my side of the globe,



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