No to Oversharing, Please.

29 Apr

I am prompted to write this post as a follow-up on the Social Media Netiquette I wrote last week. And also, after witnessing an annoyingly amount of “shares” on Facebook. You know, the kind that irks you, makes you cringe or wish that, that person would realise that Facebook is not a public diary. Either that or the duck face. Please, not the duck face. That disgustingly act of protruding the lips, letting the person doing it think that it’s sexy and downright irresistible.

Yeah, right.

In last week’s Monday Madness feature, I mentioned “Don’t overshare” as the first rule. These days, it’s one of the most common mistakes people make not only on Facebook but in other social networking sites as well. Sharing too much information about yourself simply makes your friends (yes, even your real friends) care less about you share. Really.

What is oversharing? According to Wisegeek, “Oversharing is the act of sharing too much information (TMI) with people who are not necessarily prepared or qualified to receive it.”

Updating your status update every 30 seconds or tweeting (nonsense) every five seconds is simply not the way to do it, even if it’s your page or your account.

Same thing when you think you’re innocently sharing a link, a photo or a love quote, too much of them would clutter others’ notification feeds as well as their timeline. They would also wonder whether or not you have really read the content of the link you just shared, when you just posted 10 different links one second after the other.

Okay, cardinal rule: Don’t overshare. If you really feel like sharing a link, at least, drop a sentence or two about the content, in your own words. This is to let your friends and readers know that you have, in fact, read the link. Let them know what you think and share your opinion.

Another rule: Personal stuff should remain personal. I have a “friend” on Facebook who took a photo of her newly-renewed passport and uploaded a picture, with all details exposed for the world to see, publicly visible on her wall. Ever heard of identity thieves? They do exist. And uploading passport photos/profile pages are not even sexy!

Don’t forget this rule: Relationship problems are dealt with in confidence. Your entire social media network doesn’t need to know that you have just broken up with your boyfriend because you just updated your “Relationship Status” to “Single”… only to change it to “It’s Complicated” after a day, and then “In a Relationship” (again!) after another day. Relationships are not a joke. But joke’s on you if you abuse your “Relationship Status”.

Last but not least, a simple dinner doesn’t need a hundred pictures. The entire world doesn’t revolve around you.

When you share, make it relevant and interesting to your friends, readers and followers. After all, the point of social media is to be social.

Happy Monday!

Blogging from my side of the globe,



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