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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

16 May

We see patterns everywhere. They make up a structure’s overall design, tying all those small details in to achieve visual perfection. They are desings.

In Barcelona, I had the chance to see aesthetic patterns in awe-inspiring structures and cathedrals. These are some of my snapshots during my second visit to this glorious Spanish city in early 2012.


Stained glass and art at The Cathedral of Holy Cross and St Eulalia (Barcelona Cathedral)

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Wendi Riggens Photography: Preserving Special Moments

15 May

Apologies for being away lately. The past weeks were just too overwhelming for me. There were some major changes that I encountered and, obviously, have taken most of my “blogging time”.

Anyway, I’m still in time for my WeBnesday feature and boy am I glad to have chanced upon the most adorable baby shoot, based on the Fairy Tale theme, ever!

From the screen capture below, you’ll see Miss Maddie’s photo session with Wendi Riggens, an Iowa-based wedding and portrait photographer. In short, she captures special, loving moments like this, when Miss Maddie turned nine months and re-lived the childhood stories that coloured our imagination.


Fairy Tale Baby

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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

7 May

Taking photographs from above, seeing things from another perspective. I love doing so when I take (unprofessional) snaps of food, photos I share on my social networks. I believe by now, everyone’s doing it.

Like when we celebrated a colleague’s birthday at Khansama Restaurant last week, a couple of my colleagues snapped and shared their lunch on Instagram. Sharing, whether we like it or not, is here to stay.

Pots after pots of curry lined the buffet spread. They all looked the same to me, except for the food labels that were in Indian. Good thing the names were translated in English. 🙂 I helped myself to a serving of chicken curry, some veggies in curry sauce, prata (a flour-based pancake) and some fish crackers (or prawn?).

Of course, I wolfed them down with Coke. Who doesn’t love Coke?!


Chicken and veggies in curry sauce, steamed rice and prata

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Travel Theme: Dance

5 May

When was the last time you danced? This week’s theme, dance, has inspired me to write this piece and recall the last time I did. And it felt damn good.

Both the dancing and the occasion.

I used to dance when I was little. I took ballet lessons, was active in school performances and was a member of my major’s dance troupe in University. When I started working, my friends and I would enjoy a night of dancing to cap the working week off and welcome the weekend. Continue reading

To Juice Or Not To Juice

4 May

To juice, of course!

Over the weekend, my friend introduced me to the wonders of homemade fresh juices. She just whipped up a fruity-veggie combo, threw in some ice cubes and introduced me to this “cutey” little kitchen gadget called the juicer. Yeah, I don’t own one of those that’s why I am amazed by what this gadget can do.

I usually get my fruity smoothies, the natural ones, in restaurants or at juice bars. I shell out SGD5 (USD4) for about 350ml of these healthy wonders. I get me my pineapple-orange juice fix with a hint of lemon, sweetened a bit by cranberry.

I tried out the juicer today and made myself a healthy drink. It’s green.

Green drink.jpg

My green gooey drink.

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Music: Beyond Lighters & Super Bass

1 May

Ah. Fabulous musical find for my WeBnesday feature! First off, Happy Labour Day, everyone! Happy fresh start to a new month!

Back to the fabulous musical find, I’m stoked to come across a talented singer, Aimee Proal, and an equally talented arranger, producer and filmmaker, Kurt Schneider, on YouTube. Yay! Happy listening!

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