To Juice Or Not To Juice

4 May

To juice, of course!

Over the weekend, my friend introduced me to the wonders of homemade fresh juices. She just whipped up a fruity-veggie combo, threw in some ice cubes and introduced me to this “cutey” little kitchen gadget called the juicer. Yeah, I don’t own one of those that’s why I am amazed by what this gadget can do.

I usually get my fruity smoothies, the natural ones, in restaurants or at juice bars. I shell out SGD5 (USD4) for about 350ml of these healthy wonders. I get me my pineapple-orange juice fix with a hint of lemon, sweetened a bit by cranberry.

I tried out the juicer today and made myself a healthy drink. It’s green.

Green drink.jpg

My green gooey drink.

Juicerecipes is such a wonderful find on the web with its juice recipes, categorised based on ingredients, health benefits and health conditions. It’s such a helpful source of information for people like me, who are trying to juice, and for others who have been juicing a while and need a variety.

So, this green drink is called the Fresh Start, which is actually a mixture of celery, carrots and apple. It’s that easy to prepare! I added a quarter of a cup of the Cranberry and Kiwi (pictured above) juice and three slices of orange to jazz up the taste.

The celery taste was a bit strong (and its smell, obviously) but, as I gobbled the juice down, all I could taste was the apple. At least, I had three stalks of celery today, and I’m proud of myself! Some of its benefits, according to the site, are:

* Diabetes management
* Lung cancer prevention
* Lower cholesterol
* Liver cancer prevention
* Alzheimer’s disease prevention
* Colon cancer prevention
* Breast cancer prevention
* Aids digestion
* Boosts immune system

Now, isn’t that something worth blogging about?

For more juice recipes, their benefits and nutritional value, do check out Juicerecipes. This marks my fresh start as a juicer! A toast to drinking healthy!

Have fun, y’all!

Blogging from my side of the globe,



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