Wendi Riggens Photography: Preserving Special Moments

15 May

Apologies for being away lately. The past weeks were just too overwhelming for me. There were some major changes that I encountered and, obviously, have taken most of my “blogging time”.

Anyway, I’m still in time for my WeBnesday feature and boy am I glad to have chanced upon the most adorable baby shoot, based on the Fairy Tale theme, ever!

From the screen capture below, you’ll see Miss Maddie’s photo session with Wendi Riggens, an Iowa-based wedding and portrait photographer. In short, she captures special, loving moments like this, when Miss Maddie turned nine months and re-lived the childhood stories that coloured our imagination.


Fairy Tale Baby

The entire imaginative photo session is here. It’s so much fun to see little Maddie in princess or heroine costumes!

Found myself glued to Wendi’s site, reading post after post. Then I came across this very heartfelt entry of hers, detailing her journey to motherhood, battling the big C, getting better and having Baby Claire. I am telling you, her post made me cry — not just tears that welled up my eyes but those that streamed down my face.


baby Claire.jpg

A very touching story of a mother’s battles and ultimate reward

You may access the full post here. Check out her site and marvel at the very well taken photos of Wendi. If distance were not a problem, I would have gotten her to cover my special moments, too.

Don’t you just love happy endings?

Blogging from my side of the globe,



One Response to “Wendi Riggens Photography: Preserving Special Moments”

  1. Wendi Riggens 29/05/2013 at 1:42 am #

    Oh wow, thank you for the sweet, kind words!! You made me tear up!!

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