It’s Friday.

4 Oct

I should be writing about “Friday Under Fifty”, a theme I have set for Fridays when I initially started this blog. Months ago. Months ago, too, since I neglected this space due to some colourful changes in my life.

Guilty. I have neglected my blog for months now, like you would a diet, an exercise plan or holiday. Promising you’d be at it but never really get the chance to actually doing it.

Things just got so crazy busy lately that I didn’t have time to check on my blog, even for a short peek. Sure, I would get email notifications and make a mental note to, at least, join a challenge or two. To no avail, obviously.

I switched jobs and industries. From the wonderful, software-driven, tech-infested digital world to the colourful and delightfully tempting gastronomic adventures. It was a combination of chaos and bliss. The adjustment period was not as tough as I had imagined it to be and the learning experience was an interesting joyride. I had fun.

Barely four months into the job, I had to make a graceful exit because I am choosing to walk the road less traveled. I’m going to be a mom and have decided to switch careers yet again. From a marketing communications professional to a first-time mom.

And I am nervous, unsure and terrified.

Sure, when I saw those double lines, I almost yelped in excitement. My husband and I were so ecstatic. Like any first-time parent, we were overwhelmed by this tiny life growing inside of me and couldn’t wait to shout it out from the highest of mountains for the whole world to know. We are, indeed, blessed.

As my tummy grew bigger, I had to choose between my career and being a full-time mom. I choose the latter. I wouldn’t want to miss my baby’s firsts and would rather be hands-on than get a nanny to take care of our child.

It stil terrifies me with all the worries I have inside my head. Would I become a good mom? Would I be able to respond to all the needs of my baby? Oh, gosh. I hope there’s a manual that’s easy to read and follow so that when the baby cries, I would know what to do.

So, yes. Motherhood has changed a lot of things already, not just my career. Here’s to hoping I could handle the unknown adventure ahead of me (us).

Happy Friday, loves!

Blogging from my side of the globe,



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