How Do I Get Back to Blogging?

25 Aug

I have been away from the blogging community for about two years, and seeing this page outdated makes me cringe.

There, I said it. I am guilty of starting and, eventually, abandoning this blog without even making one final post. A goodbye post, perhaps.

But that’s the thing. I do not want to say goodbye. I want to continue blogging. But how do I get back to blogging?

Honestly speaking, I would visit this (my) page once in a while and would make a mental note to update it. But my efforts were not successful. I needed a little push. What I realised when I was re-visiting my pages yesterday was, I had built quite a few posts over the past couple of years. Seeing when I last posted made me think back on how excited I was to start this page. And re-reading my posts gave me an enriching trip down memory lane.

Posts containing memories of places, persons, occasions in my life. Memories that warm the heart. And I realised I would love to have more of them.

So here I am, updating this page once again. Typing down my thoughts as they come.

How do I get back to blogging? I just have to do it and restart.

So this is me rebooting my blogging system.

Hello, world. It’s nice to see you again.



One Response to “How Do I Get Back to Blogging?”


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