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11 Apr

Read this today:

Wow! Has it been five years already? I am honoured, although I feel that the quantity of this blog is not “worth” five years.

Just the same, I feel good. Thank you, WordPress, for the greeting and the reminder.

Good night from my side of the globe,




9 Apr

My long weekend is over. This afternoon, as I was excitedly playing with the kids and reading stories to them, I was reminded of tomorrow’s bittersweet goodbye again.

Goodbye as in me leaving for work, and spending about 10 hours away from the kids. Tough job.

And that I would be in a rush tomorrow to work, attend a meeting and make a presentation, and accomplish what I need to for the day. Then rush back home to be with the kids, have dinner, play with them, clean them up, and tuck them in.

Long weekends are fun but, at the same time, they cause anxiety when they’re about to end. Separation anxiety from my loved ones. But I am grateful I have this job.

Tomorrow’s another day.

Sleep tight, y’all.

Blogging from my side of the globe,


Sick Kids, Tired Mums

8 Apr

Was searching on the net for a touching parenting meme on taking care of sick kids when I chanced upon this on Pinterest.

Couldn’t help but laugh.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Smile :-)

8 Apr

This week’s Photo Challenge is “smile”. The challenge is to post a photo that makes you smile or one that has a smiling face.

Here’s mine. My two-year-old, who has been feeling under the weather for days now. She was feverish for three days with a nasty cough. This was taken this morning while watching the movie, “Three Men and a Baby”. She’s getting better now and, hopefully, on her road to recovery.

Mobile blogging from my side of the globe,


Where has my blog gone?

7 Apr

I am ashamed.

I only had a few entries in 2017, when I planned on rebooting this blog and breathing life to new posts every day. Or was that in 2016?

I failed.

It’s not because I have nothing to write about. It’s just about finding the right time to blog when the kids (yes, I have two kids now) are already in bed or when they nap in the afternoon on weekends.

You see, I am a working mum. My job entails countless administrative tasks and attending meetings that take up most of my time. Not that I am complaining and planning on using working hours to write a short entry or two. But I simply do not have the time to do so.

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