Sick Kids, Tired Mums

8 Apr

Was searching on the net for a touching parenting meme on taking care of sick kids when I chanced upon this on Pinterest.

Couldn’t help but laugh.

You see, this has been a heck of a stressful day for me and my kids, when my two-year-old got the flu bug and nasty cough late Tuesday afternoon. It was literally a “cryfest”. Non-stop. All day and all night. Skipped work on Wednesday and Thursday, and come Friday at 2am, as I was comforting a coughing toddler, my four-year-old woke up, crying. He told me he was feeling sick, too.

Checked his temperature and it was 38 degrees. Seriously?

At that moment, I had two kids crying at 2am, and I wanted to cry, too. It probably took about a couple of hours before they stopped crying and went to Never Neverland.

Went to work that day only to worry the entire day, thinking about them. Oh, did I tell you about the eyebags? Wow, they’re huge!

Fast forward to today, Sunday. Thank God, they’re on the road to recovery. Doctor gave us cough meds and vitamins, and advised us to let the kids rest for the weekend. The older one is missing his first swim class but it’s okay.

I’m just glad the tough week is over. When my kids are unwell, I wish it was me and not them. And that I pray to God to heal them and give me the sickness instead.

Today, I’m thankful and extremely happy that they’re both doing alright. The little one is eating now, after days of refusing solids and just milk.

Enjoy the weekend!

Mobile blogging from my side of the globe,



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