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Lessons Learnt (So Far)

24 Jan

It’s not easy being a first-time parent but nothing compares to being one. My son, who is currently napping as I quickly type this, is only two weeks old and he has brought us nothing but joy… and little discoveries that make our lives even more interesting now that he’s around.

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A Letter to My Pregnant Self

22 Jan

Apologies, apologies.

I have been away for months now and that’s mostly because of hormonal changes, morning sickness, changing jobs, switching careers and… well, what do you know? From MarCom to Marcus’ mom! Yeap, that’s my son, my two-week-old buddy, as of this writing.

Anyway, I would like to share with you a letter I wrote to myself when I found out I was five weeks pregnant. Rewind to May 2013: I had a lot on my plate plus the pregnancy, rested for a month and got a new job, and then juggled several things at the same time. The first trimester wasn’t really my favorite part of the pregnancy. The second tri, however, was a different story. I got my energy back and was running after buses (in heels!) to work. Oh, and the first time I was offered an MRT seat, I was really, really thankful. And delighted. And happy.

Fast forward to today: it’s been two weeks and three days since I delivered a bouncing baby boy.

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Happy Easter!

31 Mar

Happy Easter, one and all!

It’s my eighth Easter in Singapore and I can honestly say, I miss spending Easter back home, in the Philippines. Easter celebrates the resurrection of our Saviour. As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ died and perished to save mankind. And Easter is a joyous celebration in Christianity.

Now why do I say I miss spending Easter at home? Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country. We observe the Holy Week with visits to churches, prayers, offer forms of little sacrifices and get together during Easter Sunday. After attending the Holy Mass, we usually prepare a meal or go out, and simply spend time with our loved ones, and be glad that Jesus Christ has risen. Continue reading