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Friday Under Five

26 Apr

Friday. Thank God, it’s Friday.

With today’s overcast weather, I just feel like heading straight home after work and not doing anything. Well, of course, apart from talking to my hubby about the highs and lows of my day and his, I probably just wanna catch up on my series marathons.

For today’s “Friday Under Fifty” feature, I am not going to rave about saving you big bucks for a fun night in Singapore. But I can share what I did today for well under S$5 (US$4).

singapore office.jpg

Top: View from the 3rd floor
Bottom: Iced soy milk with pearls from Pinle

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Friday Under 500

19 Apr

I know I am supposed to write about any activity under S$50 in Singapore today, but I thought of blogging about a more challenging one. It’s “Friday Under 500” in Manila, since I was just there Friday last week.

Essentially, this post still qualifies under my “Friday Under $50” category since it’s actually Friday Under S$15!

Five hundred pesos is about S$15 (US$12) and spending this amount of money on a Friday night is a bit challenging, especially in the city. I don’t know, I may be wrong but I find it difficult (as a tourist) to spend PHP500 per day. There are several alternatives, though, if you really are  trying to stay within this budget.

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Watch the OCBC Garden Rhapsody

5 Apr

I am going to write about ideal activities to do on a Friday without spending a lot in this little (expensive) city called Singapore. You probably would rarely have me write about clubbing and drinking because usually, a drink here costs S$15 per glass of Vodka martini. Or any alcohol for that matter, plus GST and service charge. And I seldom drink anyway (okay, insert violent reactions here: _______________). Continue reading