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Frosty Goodness

25 Jan

Have you ever wished you could have a steady supply of Wendy’s Frosty in the comfort of your own home?

I have. Several times, actually.

In Singapore, I don’t live anywhere near a Wendy’s branch. It’s an MRT or a bus ride away. Same thing in Manila, it’s a 10-min drive from where I stay so craving for a cup at 1am isn’t exactly convenient.

My hubby introduced me to the Brothers Green Eats channel and found this homemade Frosty recipe. We tried it and it was divine! You’ll only need chocolate milk, whipped cream, condensed milk and a blender. Now how hard can it get?

Have fun watching!

Blogging from my side of the globe,


Apparently, the brothers filming the videos are known for recreating famous meals/dishes and showing them to us ordinary citizens. Now let me go and watch the rest of their videos…


To Juice Or Not To Juice

4 May

To juice, of course!

Over the weekend, my friend introduced me to the wonders of homemade fresh juices. She just whipped up a fruity-veggie combo, threw in some ice cubes and introduced me to this “cutey” little kitchen gadget called the juicer. Yeah, I don’t own one of those that’s why I am amazed by what this gadget can do.

I usually get my fruity smoothies, the natural ones, in restaurants or at juice bars. I shell out SGD5 (USD4) for about 350ml of these healthy wonders. I get me my pineapple-orange juice fix with a hint of lemon, sweetened a bit by cranberry.

I tried out the juicer today and made myself a healthy drink. It’s green.

Green drink.jpg

My green gooey drink.

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Guilty Pleasures: Chocolates and Coffee

20 Apr

Since it’s the weekend, I am writing about my guilty pleasures. Of course, we all know what guilty pleasures are. We all have ’em. But for the sake of this blog, I am defining it, in my own words, as something that gives us tremendous amount of pleasure and satisfaction, only to feel a tinge (or a huge amount) of guilt afterwards. Continue reading

Of Souvenirs, Jerkies and Australia

6 Apr

A colleague-friend recently holidayed in Australia with his family and they had a blast visiting Tasmania and Melbourne. He only showed me a few pictures of himself from his phone because we were busy rushing a few jobs at work. Well, with or without his pictures, Australia is one of the countries I would like to visit, starting off with Sydney and Melbourne. Continue reading

Insane Workout

30 Mar

“Dig deeper!”

You’d be forced to really dig deeper and push harder with the “Insanity” workout, a max interval training coupled with hard core cardio and yoga moves – all using your own body weight – to get fit within 60 days. That’s a promise made by Shaun T, a recognised fitness expert and choreographer, who happens to be the man behind this powerfully insane workout. Continue reading