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6 Feb

It’s almost 1am and I can’t sleep. I am tired and I feel like the weekend is not enough since I worked on a Sunday instead of chilling with the family.

I was just looking at my not-so-many posts and was transported back to the times I was excited to write them. And then I got busy and temporarily stopped blogging. I could’ve hundreds of posts by now if only I committed to it. Oh well.

I wish I could get this going now. For real.

I hope I could be like you, a blogger, who does not waste a day without posting for his/her readers. More than that, for his/her soul that craves being heard.

It’s Monday. For sure it’s going to be busy but I hope I get the chance to write a post about my day even for a couple of minutes.

Blogging from my side of the globe,



No to Oversharing, Please.

29 Apr

I am prompted to write this post as a follow-up on the Social Media Netiquette I wrote last week. And also, after witnessing an annoyingly amount of “shares” on Facebook. You know, the kind that irks you, makes you cringe or wish that, that person would realise that Facebook is not a public diary. Either that or the duck face. Please, not the duck face. That disgustingly act of protruding the lips, letting the person doing it think that it’s sexy and downright irresistible.

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Social Media Netiquette

22 Apr

We now live in the social media age. While it’s true that it unifies the world and brings like-minded individuals for a cause, it has its own demerits when it comes to information sharing, identity safety and cyber-related issues.

Our social network behaviour is important. It’s as important as your behaviour in real life because you share with and meet people online in real-time, and the information exchange happens as soon as you hit the “send” button.


Some of the social networking apps I access on my phone.

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PR Gone Digital

1 Apr

What better way to usher in Monday Madness than an entry about a topic so close to my heart: public relations (PR). If you are a marketing or marcom practitioner like me, then you already know what PR is. But for those who are unsure of what it really means or what it actually does to a company, a brand or a person, read on and you might find some useful information on PR. Continue reading