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11 Apr

Read this today:

Wow! Has it been five years already? I am honoured, although I feel that the quantity of this blog is not “worth” five years.

Just the same, I feel good. Thank you, WordPress, for the greeting and the reminder.

Good night from my side of the globe,



What Excites You?

28 Jan

Traveling. That’s my answer. 

I remember countless conversations about winning it big in the lottery, and what I’d do with my winnings. 

I’d travel the world and see more of Europe. Yes, I am in love with Europe, but that deserves another post. 

This one is about the day I realised I’d gift my family a quick trip to Disneyland this year for their birthdays, instead of the usual presents, kiddie parties or fancy dinners. 

This year, the four of us (the hubby and I, and two toddlers!) are going to see Mickey and Minnie in Hong Kong! And it’s a celebration of “firsts” for our little family:

1) It’s not my first time to see HK, but it is for the hubby and the kids. 

2) It’s our first out-of-the-country trip together as a family. 

3) First out-of-the-country trip for the toddlers! Yay!

4) A first occassion to celebrate all our birthdays in one day. 

5) First trip without a stroller. I read from a blog that HK is not stroller-friendly so hubby and I will each have a kid in tow. 

6) First time to see the Disneyland fireworks! I missed it last time because we had an early start and the heat was unbearable. By the time we finished our stroll at the park, we were extremely exhausted and had to run back to the hotel for comfort. 

7) First trip without a nanny. Hubby, we can do this!

8) First opportunity for us to save up for the trip. Goodbye, unnecessary expenses and eating out. 😊

9) First time we are sharing a birthday cake!

10) First learning experience for us as a family, as we discover a different culture, see new places and meet new people. 

The trip is in November, and it’s only January. I can’t wait!

Yep, I’m excited! See you in a few months, Hong Kong! 

Daily Prompt: The New Me

23 Jan

I see the “new me” when I look in the mirror. The mommy version.

I’ve only been a mom for two weeks (plus the 40 weeks of pregnancy) but I feel like I’ve gained a world of knowledge only mothers are entitled to. There is still a lot to learn as I go along the way. I am preparing myself each day, reminding my heart that learnings, whether good or bad, are experiences that equip every parent to face any situation. They are designed to make us stronger, wiser, more giving and forgiving.

It’s never going to be easy, this I know. But it’s going to be one heck of a ride that I would surely enjoy and treasure.

I love being Marcus’ mom!



25 Apr

I yearn feline companionship. Seriously. That’s why I’ve decided to make this “Throwback Thursday” post about Kobe, my cat.

I used to have cats eight years ago. That’s before I moved to Singapore, and had to leave my ultimate-favourite cat at home. Whispered BFF promises to my cat as I was preparing to leave for the airport: I’ll be back for you. Wait for me, Kobe. I love you so much, my baby! Mommycat will be back after two years.

These words, plus tears (lots of ’em), were our bittersweet parting. I didn’t know it was the last time I’d see my Kobe baby.


The only photos I have of Kobe, both taken 8yrs ago.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (Kids Version)

23 Apr

Kids say the funniest things. And they do the cutest things, too!

Can’t help but post the photos of these two adorable kids, looking up and lost in their fantasy world.


Top: Kenice’s fountain fun
Bottom: The little boy and the panda

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

20 Apr

When I’m way up in the air and flying, I feel free. I know I am blessed because I get to see the world’s most amazing sights: the sun slowly peeking through the clouds, the clouds that look like giant marshmallows or cotton, enormous mountains, tiny islands, the big blue sea and the endless horizon.

You don’t get to see these very often from this perspective that’s why the experience is incredibly refreshing.

When I fly, I am excited because I know I am off to some place I love. Like home (Manila), Bali, Phuket, Barcelona or Paris. New places mean new adventures, and I’m all up for ’em.

As cliche as it may sound and as the song goes, these are the moments I thank God I’m alive. Really.


Good morning! I am officially in Europe!

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Chasing the (Monday) Blues Away

8 Apr

This is not the usual Monday Madness post. I’m simply blogging randomly, hoping to chase the blues away. If I were not doing what I’m doing right now or if I ain’t where I am at the moment, I’d be…

Chasing twin rainbows…


Lucky enough to catch this. View from the AYE overpass one fine night. (Singapore)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

7 Apr

Sharing a few colourful snaps from some of the places I visited. Don’t you just love colours? Who wouldn’t?

manila ocean park.jpg

Come play with me. (Rubber souvenirs from Manila Ocean Park gift shop, Philippines)

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Yet Another Blog Is Born…

29 Mar

Yay! I just created a new blog! Another blog, actually. Starting from scratch, cranking up ideas and hoping against all hope that I get to update this often. I have to. I want to.

So I started yet another blog because I am trying to organise my social life on cyberspace. It took me quite a while to really act on it because, having two to three existing blogs out there, I am left wondering how I could, without any hassle, marry all those into one single site. It’s going to be messy and disorganised. There would be too many categories that won’t have a single, consistent flow. Continue reading