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Sunday Work.

6 Feb

I brought the Toddler, my energetic three-year-old son, to work today. We were in my office shortly before 10.30am, enjoyed our fried chicken lunch at 11.30am, and, well, I tried to do some work at 1pm.

I succeeded. Partly.

I started working on a presentation that’s due tomorrow morning. I was on my second slide when the Toddler came up to me and said, “Kiss”, and he gave me his usual sweet kiss. And then, “Hug!” And he hugged his Mum for a few seconds before dashing off to my mini sofa and doodled what seemed like a galaxy to me. Or it could be his own version of the terraces. Or a rice field. Who knows?

All I know is that it’s my son’s masterpiece, which made me smile as I tried to peek through. He was happily singing a mash-up of nursery rhymes. Some I can barely understand, while some I memorised by heart. Who wouldn’t? Every mom with a kid this age would sing all these songs and know every word by heart. That comes with being a mom. And knowing the actions, too.

I started working on the next slide when the Toddler approached me again, and asked for water. I gave him his bottle, cleared the little sofa and propped up a pillow for my little guest.

I didn’t realise I spent a few good minutes watching him drink his water while holding his ear. I got lost just by looking at my son, and admiring him for all the things he learns every day, the sweet things he does to me, to his dad as well as to his baby sister.

I am in love. No doubt about it. And, if you had read my previous post on what excites me, I would now include the many adventures that he and his sister will have in the future. With us.

Today’s a good day despite the sweltering heat, the chilly air conditioning that cannot be adjusted, and the unfinished presentation deck. I got to spend time with the Toddler on a working Sunday. I’m glad and he was happy. 

And that is all that matters.


How To Make A Woman Happy

21 Apr

Reposting an entry that’s been circulating on the net on how to make a woman happy. Posted it on my Facebook status (as countless did) and got a barrel of laughs from the comments. A friend even jokingly asked how my hubby is doing, after reading this.

Well, there’s probably some truth to it.

Brilliantly funny and worth sharing. Happy reading! Continue reading

Texting and Online Shopping

7 Apr

Thank God for text messages!

I know it’s “a bit late” for me to post something like that but trust me, I’ve long discovered the wonders of technology. It’s just that now, as I write this entry, I am having a text conversation with my best friend. Our text exchange started off with her thanking me for the fruit basket I sent her. She’s recovering from a procedure and is home with her husband, selecting pictures for their wedding album (they got married in December last year). I wish I could visit her but I’m based in Singapore and she’s in Manila. Continue reading

Happy Easter!

31 Mar

Happy Easter, one and all!

It’s my eighth Easter in Singapore and I can honestly say, I miss spending Easter back home, in the Philippines. Easter celebrates the resurrection of our Saviour. As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ died and perished to save mankind. And Easter is a joyous celebration in Christianity.

Now why do I say I miss spending Easter at home? Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country. We observe the Holy Week with visits to churches, prayers, offer forms of little sacrifices and get together during Easter Sunday. After attending the Holy Mass, we usually prepare a meal or go out, and simply spend time with our loved ones, and be glad that Jesus Christ has risen. Continue reading