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Wendi Riggens Photography: Preserving Special Moments

15 May

Apologies for being away lately. The past weeks were just too overwhelming for me. There were some major changes that I encountered and, obviously, have taken most of my “blogging time”.

Anyway, I’m still in time for my WeBnesday feature and boy am I glad to have chanced upon the most adorable baby shoot, based on the Fairy Tale theme, ever!

From the screen capture below, you’ll see Miss Maddie’s photo session with Wendi Riggens, an Iowa-based wedding and portrait photographer. In short, she captures special, loving moments like this, when Miss Maddie turned nine months and re-lived the childhood stories that coloured our imagination.


Fairy Tale Baby

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Music: Beyond Lighters & Super Bass

1 May

Ah. Fabulous musical find for my WeBnesday feature! First off, Happy Labour Day, everyone! Happy fresh start to a new month!

Back to the fabulous musical find, I’m stoked to come across a talented singer, Aimee Proal, and an equally talented arranger, producer and filmmaker, Kurt Schneider, on YouTube. Yay! Happy listening!

Blogging from my side of the globe,


Wedding Ring: Safest Protection

24 Apr

For this week’s WeBnesday feature, I thought I’d share this image I recently saw on Instagram. Made a screenshot of it when I accessed my IG account from my mobile phone.

safe sex.jpg


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Coding. Making Things Happen.

10 Apr

Some of you may have probably seen this video as it made its way on the walls of your Facebook friends. It’s a short film by on communicating the value of coding, the geniuses behind the forces that shape our social society.

Watch Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Dropbox’s Drew Houston and even on their thoughts about making things happen. Beneath those complicated algorithms and intimidating formulas, is a need that’s fulfilled, creativity that’s expressed and realised. Continue reading

What Not to Do During An Interview

3 Apr

Going to an interview is nerve-wracking. At least, for me. It takes me about a day to prep for an interview, including customising a presentation and my portfolio, depending on the position I am being interviewed for.

I also spend some time researching about the company, not only about what it does, but also about updates and important milestones. Aside from checking its website, there’s a wide range of information available by simply checking its recent press releases, news articles written about it, and its social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn). Continue reading