This app. 

23 Jan

Blogging from my mobile phone. 

I just downloaded the WordPress app for the nth time, and every time I switch phones, I try to really think if I need this app or not. 

Well, I downloaded it so, as of this writing, I believe I need it. 

I made a promise to myself I’d go back to blogging again. That was last year. 

Where am I now? I am nowhere near my goal of becoming a blogger. I hope I can always find the right to thing to write about but there commitments that I tend to prioritise than romancing my keyboard and “penning down” my thoughts. 

And I have two adorable toddlers. 

Yeap. Workings mums out there would definitely agree with me that juggling home, kids and work is no easy feat. 

Here’s to wishing I get to really kickstart my blogging again. 

See you ’round. 

It’s me, 



How Do I Get Back to Blogging?

25 Aug

I have been away from the blogging community for about two years, and seeing this page outdated makes me cringe.

There, I said it. I am guilty of starting and, eventually, abandoning this blog without even making one final post. A goodbye post, perhaps.

But that’s the thing. I do not want to say goodbye. I want to continue blogging. But how do I get back to blogging?

Honestly speaking, I would visit this (my) page once in a while and would make a mental note to update it. But my efforts were not successful. I needed a little push. What I realised when I was re-visiting my pages yesterday was, I had built quite a few posts over the past couple of years. Seeing when I last posted made me think back on how excited I was to start this page. And re-reading my posts gave me an enriching trip down memory lane.

Posts containing memories of places, persons, occasions in my life. Memories that warm the heart. And I realised I would love to have more of them.

So here I am, updating this page once again. Typing down my thoughts as they come.

How do I get back to blogging? I just have to do it and restart.

So this is me rebooting my blogging system.

Hello, world. It’s nice to see you again.



Wicked Obsession

14 Mar

Just because I have this huge Wicked obsession and an equally humongous hangover. First saw it in Singapore in 2012. And then in Manila last week.

I am, and will always be, a Wicked fan.

Happy weekend!

Blogging from my side of the globe,



Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

25 Jan

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Oh, how I love this week’s photo challenge, which is an interpretation of a family.

My little buddy, the latest addition to our small family. Hubby and I are crazy about this little one. We are, indeed, blessed to have him in our lives.

Marcus, my baby, I love you.


Frosty Goodness

25 Jan

Have you ever wished you could have a steady supply of Wendy’s Frosty in the comfort of your own home?

I have. Several times, actually.

In Singapore, I don’t live anywhere near a Wendy’s branch. It’s an MRT or a bus ride away. Same thing in Manila, it’s a 10-min drive from where I stay so craving for a cup at 1am isn’t exactly convenient.

My hubby introduced me to the Brothers Green Eats channel and found this homemade Frosty recipe. We tried it and it was divine! You’ll only need chocolate milk, whipped cream, condensed milk and a blender. Now how hard can it get?

Have fun watching!

Blogging from my side of the globe,


Apparently, the brothers filming the videos are known for recreating famous meals/dishes and showing them to us ordinary citizens. Now let me go and watch the rest of their videos…

Lessons Learnt (So Far)

24 Jan

It’s not easy being a first-time parent but nothing compares to being one. My son, who is currently napping as I quickly type this, is only two weeks old and he has brought us nothing but joy… and little discoveries that make our lives even more interesting now that he’s around.

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Daily Prompt: The New Me

23 Jan

I see the “new me” when I look in the mirror. The mommy version.

I’ve only been a mom for two weeks (plus the 40 weeks of pregnancy) but I feel like I’ve gained a world of knowledge only mothers are entitled to. There is still a lot to learn as I go along the way. I am preparing myself each day, reminding my heart that learnings, whether good or bad, are experiences that equip every parent to face any situation. They are designed to make us stronger, wiser, more giving and forgiving.

It’s never going to be easy, this I know. But it’s going to be one heck of a ride that I would surely enjoy and treasure.

I love being Marcus’ mom!


A Letter to My Pregnant Self

22 Jan

Apologies, apologies.

I have been away for months now and that’s mostly because of hormonal changes, morning sickness, changing jobs, switching careers and… well, what do you know? From MarCom to Marcus’ mom! Yeap, that’s my son, my two-week-old buddy, as of this writing.

Anyway, I would like to share with you a letter I wrote to myself when I found out I was five weeks pregnant. Rewind to May 2013: I had a lot on my plate plus the pregnancy, rested for a month and got a new job, and then juggled several things at the same time. The first trimester wasn’t really my favorite part of the pregnancy. The second tri, however, was a different story. I got my energy back and was running after buses (in heels!) to work. Oh, and the first time I was offered an MRT seat, I was really, really thankful. And delighted. And happy.

Fast forward to today: it’s been two weeks and three days since I delivered a bouncing baby boy.

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It’s Friday.

4 Oct

I should be writing about “Friday Under Fifty”, a theme I have set for Fridays when I initially started this blog. Months ago. Months ago, too, since I neglected this space due to some colourful changes in my life.

Guilty. I have neglected my blog for months now, like you would a diet, an exercise plan or holiday. Promising you’d be at it but never really get the chance to actually doing it.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

16 May

We see patterns everywhere. They make up a structure’s overall design, tying all those small details in to achieve visual perfection. They are desings.

In Barcelona, I had the chance to see aesthetic patterns in awe-inspiring structures and cathedrals. These are some of my snapshots during my second visit to this glorious Spanish city in early 2012.


Stained glass and art at The Cathedral of Holy Cross and St Eulalia (Barcelona Cathedral)

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