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SoLAR: Your Pocket Weather Guide

23 Apr

I know there are quite a few weather and temperature apps out there but I seem to always reach for Solar.

I like its simplicity and the sleekness of its UI (user interface). The straightforwardness of its look got me: date, time, weather and temperature on top, city and country at the bottom. Basically all the things you need to have in a weather app.

It’s easy to enter the place you’d like to check the temp of. Type it in and have it available readily in your “collection”. A simple swipe sideways lets you access the city that you saved or toggle between those you previously searched for.


Solar’s welcome screen in classy black and white. That little “o”, representing “degrees”, turns as the app loads. Pretty neat, huh?

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WordPress on the Go

9 Apr

Blogging made easy from my iPhone. Now that’s fun, ain’t it?

I love that I discovered the WordPress app last week, when I had just started a blog here. I can now blog on the go, although what I always do is start a draft on my phone and conclude it using my MacBook.

I do have the other blogging app (read my lips: Blogger) and that’s where my wedding blog is. Thing is, I like this WordPress app more than the Blogger. Continue reading