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6 Feb

It’s almost 1am and I can’t sleep. I am tired and I feel like the weekend is not enough since I worked on a Sunday instead of chilling with the family.

I was just looking at my not-so-many posts and was transported back to the times I was excited to write them. And then I got busy and temporarily stopped blogging. I could’ve hundreds of posts by now if only I committed to it. Oh well.

I wish I could get this going now. For real.

I hope I could be like you, a blogger, who does not waste a day without posting for his/her readers. More than that, for his/her soul that craves being heard.

It’s Monday. For sure it’s going to be busy but I hope I get the chance to write a post about my day even for a couple of minutes.

Blogging from my side of the globe,



Wendi Riggens Photography: Preserving Special Moments

15 May

Apologies for being away lately. The past weeks were just too overwhelming for me. There were some major changes that I encountered and, obviously, have taken most of my “blogging time”.

Anyway, I’m still in time for my WeBnesday feature and boy am I glad to have chanced upon the most adorable baby shoot, based on the Fairy Tale theme, ever!

From the screen capture below, you’ll see Miss Maddie’s photo session with Wendi Riggens, an Iowa-based wedding and portrait photographer. In short, she captures special, loving moments like this, when Miss Maddie turned nine months and re-lived the childhood stories that coloured our imagination.


Fairy Tale Baby

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Yet Another Blog Is Born…

29 Mar

Yay! I just created a new blog! Another blog, actually. Starting from scratch, cranking up ideas and hoping against all hope that I get to update this often. I have to. I want to.

So I started yet another blog because I am trying to organise my social life on cyberspace. It took me quite a while to really act on it because, having two to three existing blogs out there, I am left wondering how I could, without any hassle, marry all those into one single site. It’s going to be messy and disorganised. There would be too many categories that won’t have a single, consistent flow. Continue reading