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9 Apr

My long weekend is over. This afternoon, as I was excitedly playing with the kids and reading stories to them, I was reminded of tomorrow’s bittersweet goodbye again.

Goodbye as in me leaving for work, and spending about 10 hours away from the kids. Tough job.

And that I would be in a rush tomorrow to work, attend and make a presentation at the meeting, and accomplish what I need to for the day. Then rish back home to be with the kids, have dinner, play with them, clean then up, and tuck them in.

Long weekends are fun but, at the same time, they cause anxiety when they’re about to end. Separation anxiety from my loved ones. But I am grateful I have this job.

Tomorrow’s another day.

Sleep tight, y’all.

Blogging from my side of the globe,



Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

25 Jan

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Oh, how I love this week’s photo challenge, which is an interpretation of a family.

My little buddy, the latest addition to our small family. Hubby and I are crazy about this little one. We are, indeed, blessed to have him in our lives.

Marcus, my baby, I love you.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

7 May

Taking photographs from above, seeing things from another perspective. I love doing so when I take (unprofessional) snaps of food, photos I share on my social networks. I believe by now, everyone’s doing it.

Like when we celebrated a colleague’s birthday at Khansama Restaurant last week, a couple of my colleagues snapped and shared their lunch on Instagram. Sharing, whether we like it or not, is here to stay.

Pots after pots of curry lined the buffet spread. They all looked the same to me, except for the food labels that were in Indian. Good thing the names were translated in English. 🙂 I helped myself to a serving of chicken curry, some veggies in curry sauce, prata (a flour-based pancake) and some fish crackers (or prawn?).

Of course, I wolfed them down with Coke. Who doesn’t love Coke?!


Chicken and veggies in curry sauce, steamed rice and prata

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (Kids Version)

23 Apr

Kids say the funniest things. And they do the cutest things, too!

Can’t help but post the photos of these two adorable kids, looking up and lost in their fantasy world.


Top: Kenice’s fountain fun
Bottom: The little boy and the panda

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (Looking Up)

20 Apr

Up. Look up and feel the greatness of the world around you. It’s amazing how towering structures and even nature could make you feel like you’re just one small being, along with others, in the world you live in. But then, it becomes an experience like no other, like you realise that the world offers you enormous beauty and a shelter you call home.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

20 Apr

When I’m way up in the air and flying, I feel free. I know I am blessed because I get to see the world’s most amazing sights: the sun slowly peeking through the clouds, the clouds that look like giant marshmallows or cotton, enormous mountains, tiny islands, the big blue sea and the endless horizon.

You don’t get to see these very often from this perspective that’s why the experience is incredibly refreshing.

When I fly, I am excited because I know I am off to some place I love. Like home (Manila), Bali, Phuket, Barcelona or Paris. New places mean new adventures, and I’m all up for ’em.

As cliche as it may sound and as the song goes, these are the moments I thank God I’m alive. Really.


Good morning! I am officially in Europe!

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Be Somebody Else For A Day

19 Apr

Interesting challenge for today, Freaky Friday. I spent a good few minutes to think about who I want to be even for a day and recalled the days I wished I were someone else because it’s either:

a) I was admiring that person for being brilliant, drop dead gorgeous, unbelievably rich and prominent or really lucky; OR

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Chasing the (Monday) Blues Away

8 Apr

This is not the usual Monday Madness post. I’m simply blogging randomly, hoping to chase the blues away. If I were not doing what I’m doing right now or if I ain’t where I am at the moment, I’d be…

Chasing twin rainbows…


Lucky enough to catch this. View from the AYE overpass one fine night. (Singapore)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

7 Apr

Sharing a few colourful snaps from some of the places I visited. Don’t you just love colours? Who wouldn’t?

manila ocean park.jpg

Come play with me. (Rubber souvenirs from Manila Ocean Park gift shop, Philippines)

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